Sausage rolls

In the past sausage rolls were what gave factories in the food industry a bad name – they were mass produced, bypassing flavour and solely cost-driven in development. The Bake Factory has reclaimed this rustic pastry treat by working on a gourmet range that reflects changing tastes. We concentrate on good pastry and meaty, authentically seasoned fillings. We have also dedicated development time to generate a Vegetarian range to be proud of.

For the travel sector a sausage roll can work to bridge the gap between meals and has mass appeal for the Buy on Board market. Our team of development chefs consider the sausage roll as a showcase for how a simple filling and our trademark pastry recipes can work together seamlessly.




The Bake Factory produces Puff Pastry that is both light and luxurious. We keep our turnovers simple and uncomplicated with combinations such as bacon and cheese. By including several complex laminations in the pastry recipes our turnovers have a unique textured bite and cosmopolitan profile.

We also manufacture puff pastry crowns that are a gourmet hand-folded version. These offer an elevated tier of flavour profiles such as Pancetta and Emmental, Sun-blushed Tomato and Mature Cheddar.