At the Bake Factory our development chefs use their knife skills, latest slow-cooking methods and favourite flavour combinations to deliver pies that are worth flying for. We manufacture for airlines, award-wining Delis, and foodservice wholesalers. The humble pie has been elevated as the result of an extensive development process. We combine comfort-food nostalgia with innovative ingredients and exciting vegetarian recipes. We can confidently adapt flavours of pies to meet changing menu demands over rotation cycles and reflect seasonality, drawing from our impressive catalogue of recipes.

Our pies are built on solid consumer insight, research and development, and market experience from the highstreet and retailers. We combine rich and moist filings combined with light buttery pastry. You will find we pay attention to the visual impact of our pies, topping them with savoury granola, cheesy gratin, sweet crumble or puff pastry lids. Pies are a great format for hot handheld snacks, and our square varieties are a perfect fit for airlines and travel sectors