Our golden pastry recipes, which include butter short crust, flaky and puff pastry, are the building blocks that we use to construct award-winning, high quality products.

We produce the very best pastry on a large scale, offering consistency and premium standards throughout whilst embracing innovation with bespoke pastry projects, new concepts, ancient grains, superfoods, and emerging trends. In recent times our team of pastry chefs have created colourful and strongly flavoured pastry recipes along with a health-focused range, Vegan and Gluten Free options.

At the Bake Factory we maintain a strong bond to traditional pastry work but also like to incorporate fresh components that take our development to the next level. We pride ourselves on doing the basics extremely well whilst offering an extra dimension for customers who want something different for their menu.

Our Master Bakers have created a precise formula for pastry using the best ingredients and attention to detail at every stage. The Bake Factory specialises in both consistency and creativity.