We made the step across from pastry to airline meals with a gourmet Hot Pot product range a few years ago. Now we manufacture meals in a variety of packaging formats with a focus on sustainability and recyclable card. We source compostable film and recycled board solutions for customers committed to an environmental agenda.

The Bake Factory positions our meals in the Buy On Board sector but we can also do smaller complementary entrees. Working with commercial partner brands such as Old El Paso and Levi Roots means we can deliver on both consumer awareness and real flavour. The rustic nature of some recipes is complemented by combination of vibrant fresh ingredients and slow-cooked meats.






The Bake Factory™ are our version of deconstructed pies, where the filling is the main event to give greater emphasis to their delicious flavour. Ovenable pots containing a protein-rich recipe and tested in airline ovens. NPD have focused on crowd-pleasing concepts that reflect travel and a taste of home-cooked meals. We have Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Vegan versions available.



The Taco slider is a concept that takes the global taco trend and converts it into an accessible and travel friendly catering solution. This award-winning format can be served as a duo or taco trio, that regenerate extremely well at altitude and a packed with flavour. The core range has initially been developed as Mexican profiles in origin, but we also have some exciting Korean BBQ and Tex Mex in development .


We also offer a range of fries and hassle-back potatoes loaded with cheese, grilled vegetables and rich shredded meats with flavours such as Korean BBQ Pork, Pulled Chicken & Chipotle or Sweet Potato with Caribbean hot sauce



We are constantly developing new meal options for the travel sector including a range of authentic global formats such as; Burgers, Cornbread, Cream Teas, Savoury Muffins, gourmet Ready Meals, Duo boxes with sweet and savoury. We also have focused on hot breakfast products with porridge and sweet potato toast.